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The Sheriff Auxiliary Volunteers of Navajo County (SAV’s) are the support for the community under the guidance of Sheriff Clouse. The Sheriff’s Auxiliary provides a presence in the community and offers several programs for its citizens. 

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We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We offer several ways for you to help your community. We can help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. The Sheriff Auxiliary Volunteers have a vast number of ways you can serve your community from house watches and patrol to administration & our animal help unit. For more information contact us.

Thank You

We couldn't accomplish our goals by supporting the Sheriff, the communities, our youth or the animals without donations from citizens like you! The Sheriff Auxiliary Volunteers of Navajo County are a non-profit 501C3 corporation relying solely on donations and legacies. Donate to this organization by clicking below. Thank you for your time and donations that makes this possible!



The mission of the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers of Navajo County, Inc. is to provide assistance to and, under the direction of the Navajo County Sheriff's Office, in search and rescue missions, in locating or extracting from danger persons lost, missing, or in imminent danger of serious bodily harm, or other missions as determined by the Sheriff. Assist the Navajo County Sheriff in accomplishing his Public Safety and Crime Prevention obligations to the public. Raise funds to support crime prevention activities under the rule of the Internal Revenue Service of the Unit States for charitable, educational, and public security purposes 501(C)(3). These funds will be used to educate the various unincorporated communities in Navajo County in Crime Prevention practices and to developed citizen participation, and service programs in the area of crime prevention.

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We are dedicated to providing services for our community and help the lives of those in our neighborhood. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.

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